Friday, 21 August 2015

Official Website for Contact Lens Malaysia

Kepunyaan-Nya, bukan kepunyaan Nadirah Izan
Assalamualaikum everyone :)
Flwrlyn is an official website to sell various style of Contact Lenses. The following are our basic infos, kindly please read it.

We ship worldwide
Based: Malaysia
Rate price RM20-RM40 / US$8-US$11 depends on design.
DIAMETER: 14mm~17mmWater
Content: 38% ~55% 
Content: 38% ~55%

USAGE: 1 year disposable (Advisable use for 3-6 months)
Original manufacturer: Vassen,EOS,Dueba,Geo,GnG,Belmore,QT lens

These are the products that we sell;

Contact lens
Solution 355ml
Solution 120ml
Hello Kitty Spec
Hello Kitty Lens Case Set
Standard lens case
Cute Lens Case Set

For any inquiries, please visit our instagram or facebook page.
Or email me at

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